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11 September 2014

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It’s happening again, and bigger and better than last time! The Guild is a one day, single track conference about agile software engineering. We welcome product owners, programmers, managers and designers alike.

The Guild was organized twice before in 2013, covering topics ranging from ethical hacking and the agile customer experience to modular Sass and combinatorial innovation.

Now we want to take The Guild to the next level: an all-day, single track conference about agile software engineering. For this, we need to move to a more appropriate location in Eindhoven: The Evoluon.


  • Roy Tomeij

    Roy Tomeij Speaker

    Whether you want it or not, you’re the constant victim of neuro-marketing. Understand the unconscious reasons for your online actions, and how to apply psychology-meets-UX to your own app.

    Roy Tomeij is co-founder at AppSignal in Amsterdam, the best Ruby performance monitoring and error tracking tool since sliced bmad. He speaks with a cute accent and doesn't play the banjo.

  • eric-lopes-cardoso

    Eric Lopes Cardozo Speaker

    As ICT-consultant Eric has played different roles in different fields, from programmer to manager and teacher, coach and mentor. Eric specializes in software engineering and in particular the improvement and professionalization of that field. His strength is overseeing the entire playing field, from initial idea to delivery and maintenance. As a teacher he has trained hundreds of ICT professionals in requirements analysis, project management and business modeling.

  • bastiaan-heeren

    Bastiaan Heeren Speaker

    Bastiaan Heeren is a member of the Software Technology group and teaches various courses in the Software Engineering Master's program at the Open University. His research focuses on functional programming languages in education, type systems, and advanced software technology concepts to support teaching and learning. Before he joined the Open Universiteit, he was a lecturer and a PhD student at Universiteit Utrecht.

  • joost-rueck

    Joost Rueck Speaker

    Joost Rueck is an entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and innovation in digital technologies. Joost will take the audience to the world of applied innovation by telling a very interactive story. By involving the audience in his talk he will let you really live on stage with digital media such as Google Glass, Augmented Reality and Oculus Rift.

  • fred-heath

    Fred Heath Speaker

    Fred is a software jack of all trades, having worked at every stage of the software development life-cycle. Having waded through tons of C++ and database programming, he discovered Ruby and its ecosystem and hasn't looked back since. After years in the corporate world he is now a freelance developer and consultant.

  • Ariejan de Vroom

    Ariejan de Vroom Speaker

    GPG is more relevant than ever in a modern age where government spying is the norm and no one on the internet can be trusted. This talk also takes a dive into how the RSA public key algorithm works at its core and how you can get started with GPG today.

    Ariejan de Vroom is a Ruby on Rails developer and Software Craftsman. He lives in Breugel and works full-time at Kabisa.


We’ll start around 9.00 at Evoluon Eindhoven and finish up around 17.30.

09.00 – Welcome and coffee
09.45 – Openings Harm de Laat
10.00 – Agile Pitfalls Eric Lopes Cardozo
10.50 – Make them Click Roy Tomeij
11.40 – Design Patterns Bastiaan Heeren
12.30 – Lunch
13.30 – GNU Privacy Guard and you Ariejan de Vroom
14.20 - Behavior-Driven Development: Feature this! Fred Heath
15.10 – Lighting Talks
16.00 – Innovation is a matter of perspective Joost Rueck
16.50 – Ending – drinks



Noord Brabantlaan 1A
5652 LA Eindhoven

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We are Kabisa, market leader in Ruby on Rails development in the Netherlands. We believe in Agile and are the organizers of The Guild!

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On February 2014 The Guild kicked off it’s second public edition. With over 50 people attending The Guild was a great success.

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The Guild opens its doors for the first time. With about fifty craftsmen in attendance, this edition was a great hit!